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Pastor Michael Kirk
Michael Kirk Executive Pastor/ Recovery Facilitator CAS, Next Level Church / Certified Christian Life Coach

Michael A. Kirk

Michael is Executive Pastor at Next Level Church. He is also a Certified Addiction Specialist with a Degree in Alcohol and Substance Abuse. Michael leads the The Next 24 Minitstry Logo at Next Level Church which facilitates the several sober living ministry.

Michael spent many years stuck and constantly searching for his purpose. A successful business man in the mortgage and real estate business for many years, money and material items were the driving force in his life. Due to a co-dependent nature and lack of emotional skills, Michael's life catapulted out of control in 2006. Losing everything and facing death, Michael decided to change things in his life and ultimately gave his life to Christ. In learning to find direction with God, purpose in life, and the spiritual gifts and assets God gives us to use, Michael went back to school for a degree in alcohol and substance abuse. Working in the feild of addiction and helping others who struggle lead to Michael becoming a Certified Addiction Specialist with the state of Florida.

Michael joined the team at Next Level Church in 2012 and is now Executive Pastor and leads the recovery Ministry The Next 24 Minitstry Logo. Through working in the jails, prisons, and with the lost and emotionally unstable, Michael decided to obtain His Christian Life Coaching certification so he can work one on one with others and help them to find hope, balance, direction, and healing from irrational, obsessive thinking and broken hearts.

"Life change requires more than just a desire. It requires a gameplan!"

- Michael Kirk

GloriAnna Kirk
GloriAnna Kirk Women's Recovery Director / Certified Christian Life Coach

GloriAnna E. Kirk

GloriAnna is the Women's Director of The Next 24 Minitstry Logo Recovery Ministries Inc. facilitating the women's sober living ministry.

GloriAnna was raised in a household with alcohol addiction and abuse which resulted in her entering fostercare as a young teenager. Although she had a relationship with God throughout her childhood she found herself with a drug addiction and in a marriage also riddled with addictions. God delivered her from her own demons and brought her through it all with much discipline and instruction.

She is a mother of three beautiful daughters and has a degree in Internet Services Technology. She is fullfilling her calling from God as Director of Women's Operations at TN24 and loves working with women in recovery. Her passion is to use what God has taught her through her struggles

Christian REcovery Life Coach Cross

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

— Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)